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What if you could put headphones on your smartphone and have a knowledgeable expert (me) guide you through the streets of Vieux Nice step by step? What if you heard directions as you walked and listened to explanations of each Vieux Nice highlight? What if you didn’t even have to look at your phone because the audio triggers automatically at each stop? 

Well you can! On the audio tour, “The Best of Nice’s Old Town: Highlights, Legends and Secret Spots” I’ll take you to Vieux Nice’s most fascinating spots and tell you all about them. Here’s some of what you’ll see:

In addition to the most iconic baroque churches and palaces, you’ll discover:

  • Where Matisse, Thomas Jefferson and Napoleon stayed
  • The tavern Raoul Dufy painted
  • How Cours Saleya got its name
  • Where executioners once washed their hatchets
  • The “Adam and Eve” frieze
  • The Jewish Quarter
  • The legend behind Nice’s patron saint, Reparata 
  • The legend of naughty Catherine Segurane

It’s easy to get lost in Vieux Nice’s maze of streets but not with me guiding the way. I’ll also be pointing out easy-to-miss details on the buildings and tell you where you can go behind closed doors. And, you don’t even need a data connection to follow the tour.

So, how does it work?

To go out and do the tour, all you need is a FREE audio tour VoiceMap app for iPhones and Android devices. Install it on your smartphone via Apple AppStore or Google Play’s store.

  • Once you’ve downloaded the app, set up an account
  • Look for the tour, “The Best of Nice’s Old Town: Highlights, Legends and Secret Spots
  • Pay for the tour ($6.99)
  • Download the tour to your fully charged smartphone. The audio will be available offline along with an offline map.
  • The tours are location aware, so you will hear directions and stories as you move.
  • Pause anytime in wonderful cafes and shops, and take as many pictures as you please!


Tour Details

  • The tour begins at the tram stop Opera-Vieille Ville and ends at the Tour Saint Francois
  • It takes about an hour, depending on how many museums and churches you visit
  • The distance is a little over 2km
  • Along the way I’ll recommend the most iconic places for a snack, beverage or meal
  • The tour can be done in any season

Still unsure? Once you find the tour you can listen to the first three locations for FREE. I just know you’ll be impressed. And don’t forget to leave a rating afterward!

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