Thank you for buying (or considering buying) Nice Uncovered: Walks through the Secret Heart of a Historic City! It’s the first book to detail all of central  Nice’s artistic, cultural, historical and architectural treasures. Much of the information has not been publicly available even in French, much less English. 

When I first sat down to research and write this book in late 2019 I had no idea what a journey it would be. First of all I hadn’t realized  that so much information about Nice’s highlights was deeply buried in archives. Such time and patience to dig it out! It makes sense though. Ever since the 18th century Nice has promoted itself as a “sun and fun” destination. Who would come to such a beautiful spot just to wander the streets and soak up history? Perhaps you? My goal is to give readers a new appreciation for Nice’s rich culture and complex history. Since writing the book I see my town with a fresh perspective and I hope you will too.

The Great Pandemic posed other challenges as we cycled through a series of “confinements” and “liberations”. Museums, churches and libraries would suddenly close and then unexpectedly open. For a mercifully short while we were barely allowed to leave the house which is a serious obstacle to planning a walking tour! Yet as travel to other lands was curtailed, I found that doing a deep dive into my home town gave me the sense of discovery and excitement that I would normally get from foreign travel. If you can’t travel far, travel where you are.

On the pages of this website, I’ll be presenting a behind-the-scenes look at the walking tours outlined in the book including photos, tips, observations and even a few “unsolved mysteries” for your consideration.  Perhaps you’ve come across sights I’ve (somehow) missed? Don’t hesitate to let me know in the Comments section on each page. And don’t forget to subscribe to my blog for updates about the book and the sights contained therein.

Happy trails!

Jeanne Oliver


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