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As I mentioned in the Old Town walk (item number 47), the former Convent of the Visitation is in the process of being transformed into a five-star hotel. The neighbors waged a lengthy legal fight to prevent it but recently lost the battle. Built in the 17th century, the convent is the oldest in the region and has tremendous historical value.

The good news is that the hotel consortium intends to rebuild the complex according to its original plans. It’s a vast project that encompasses 7500 sq meters including the convent, its annex and three adjacent buildings. They plan to use stones from the original buildings when possible  and period-style materials for the rest.

It will be the only five-star hotel in the Old Town and will boast 88 rooms in addition to cafes, restaurants, bars, a cultural center, swimming pool and even a bakery. It should be quite an establishment. Meanwhile though, there will be substantial noise and disruption from the construction which is why the locals were so vehemently opposed to it.


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