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Because not everyone is comfortable buying books on Amazon (Jeff Bezos is not a popular guy), I’ve decided to go the extra mile and make Nice Uncovered: Walks Through the Secret Heart of a Historic City available to bookstores. The process was a bit fiddly but involved submitting the manuscript to a platform that distributes to bookstores worldwide. Not that your local bookstore will have a shelf of “Nice Uncovered” books! Not yet anyway. Getting bookstores to devote their limited shelf space to any book is an uphill struggle, even more so when the author is not a brand name. But it’s a start.

What you can do is simply ask your local bookstore to order you a copy. And, maybe if enough people ask, they’ll decide to stock it!

Normally the title should be enough but they’ll find it even faster with the ISBN which is 978-0578359366. 

3 Replies to “Now in Bookstores!”

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    Is there any chance that FNAC in Nice could order some copies?

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      Sure! No reason why they can’t order you a book (or two? or three?) Let me know how it goes.

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        I’ll give it a try. Waterstones in London would get it for me, only I’m not sure when I’ll be there. I’ll let you know.

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