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Why did Unesco designate Nice a World Heritage Site? You’ll find out on this brand new immersive audio tour I produced through Navigating Nice’s Belle Epoque: A Guide to the Unesco Heritage City. On this unique 75-minute tour we’ll trace the development of Nice as a winter resort from the mid-19th century onwards. Did you know that nearly every inch of central Nice outside the Old Town was designed to maximize the comfort and pleasure of holiday-makers?

From the edges of Cours Saleya along the Promenade des Anglais and through the prestigious Carre d’Or neighborhood I’ll show you the seascapes, parks, villas, churches and architectural landmarks that made Nice the pride of the Riviera. You’ll see how Nice blossomed from a medieval town to a glamorous resort city. And, you’ll marvel at the finest examples of  Nice’s wondrous architectural heritage from neo-Gothic to neo-Classical, Belle Epoque and Art Deco buildings.

It’s so easy to follow a self-guided audio tour at your own pace.

  • Download the FREE audio tour VoiceMap app for iPhones or Android devices. via Apple AppStore or Google Play’s store.
  • Install it on your smartphone 
  • Once you’ve downloaded the app, set up an account
  • Look for the tour, Navigating Nice’s Belle Epoque: A Guide to the Unesco Heritage City
  • Pay for the tour ($6.99)
  • Download the tour to your fully charged smartphone. The audio will be available offline along with an offline map.
  • The tour is location aware, so you will hear directions and stories as you move.
  • You can put your phone away; the audio triggers automatically
  • Pause anytime and take as many pictures as you please!

SPECIAL OFFER FOR THOSE WHO PURCHASED NICE UNCOVERED! You can do this tour FOR FREE! Contact me for details.

Follow me as we

• Walk in the footsteps of the first vacationing Brits who built the Promenade des Anglais
• Find out how British, American, and even Russian visitors helped shape Nice’s urban landscape
• Discover the earliest seaside strolls that inspired the Promenade
• See where famous folks like Matisse, Chekhov and Nietzsche lived and worked
• Learn about the classic hotels where the town’s earliest aristocratic visitors stayed
• Hear the stories that all locals know including Nice’s most famous murder mystery
• Gaze upon the Protestant church built by the Vanderbilt family and the Orthodox church built by a Russian Tsarina
• Admire the Defly building’s ‘trompe l’oeil facade’

You’ll discover the city’s quirky side including why palm trees made their appearance, the story of the Roman martyr who gave the Baie des Anges its name, the real reason the Monument du Centenaire was built, and the spot where the glorious Casino de la Jetée once was.

Whether you’re a first-time visitor, repeat visitor or a curious local, the story of 19th-20th-century Nice will come alive. 


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