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The face of Nice is changing so quickly it’s hard to keep up! The Promenade du Paillon is being extended far to the east. The TNN (Theatre National de Nice) I referred to on page 179 has been torn down. In its place is a new garden promenade, La Bourgada. Instead of climbing to the top of TNN as I suggested, you can climb up to a balcony overlooking the garden for this view.

And, as if that wasn’t enough, the Couvent de la Visitation I mentioned on page 59 as part of the Old Town walk, is now a five-star hotel, the Hotel du Couvent.I noted that the hotel was planned and now it’s completed. Although the facade extends to the Place Sainte Claire, the entrance is on 1 rue Honoré Ugo. At least for now, that’s the only entrance and it’s best accessed at the top of rue Rossetti. The hotel courtyards, lounge areas and gardens are open to the public and I highly recommend a visit to this unique place.



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    One of the best travel books I have used. Took it with me to Nice and spent several wonderful afternoons exploring the tours therein.

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